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Lately, I’ve been making quite a bit of sculptural work and incorporating found objects into small landscapes. A sudden fascination with and addiction to air plants has inspired a series of symbiotic pairings. For a look at the first few examples, check out the ‘current work’ section of the gallery. And if you are interested in air plants, also known as tillandsia, take a gander at Rattle landscape




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We are taking a slow paced road trip to the pottery mecca that is North Carolina, starting along the southern route, then making our way back through Tennessee and Arkansas. In anticipation, I made a series of blue porcelain flowers, which were fired in the wood kiln at Baylor. Along the way, I will leave a flower and a hand drawn calling card wherever the mood strikes me. If you are interested to see the pairings in place, check out my Facebook page. I might also post some images on Instagram. Happy trails!