Work from the Wood kiln unloaded

Work from the Wood kiln unloaded

Wood and Soda kiln firings

This past weekend, we fired up the soda kiln (for the second time ever!) and also the wood kiln (for a record 34 hour long firing). Overall, the results are good. Now I can't wait to get back in the studio to make pots to fill up the kiln again. It is a good life.


Fired work in the soda kiln

Do you ever look back at something that you made and cringe? I do. The logo (on the left) that I made for my first website back in 2005 is not my favorite work. However, I am mostly pleased as I look back through 10 years of images. I can see how some things have changed (drastically) and some things have remained (faithfully). January 2015 begins with a new website (let me know what you think) and new adventures (stay tuned). As I begin, I can hear the words of beloved James Watral whispering encouragement in my ear, “be brilliant.” 



Lately, I’ve been making quite a bit of sculptural work and incorporating found objects into small landscapes. A sudden fascination with and addiction to air plants has inspired a series of symbiotic pairings. For a look at the first few examples, visit the 2014 gallery. And if you are interested in air plants, also known as tillandsia, take a gander at


skennedy was here
We are taking a slow paced road trip to the pottery mecca that is North Carolina, starting along the southern route, then making our way back through Tennessee and Arkansas. In anticipation, I made a series of blue porcelain flowers, which were fired in the wood kiln at Baylor. Along the way, I will leave a flower and a hand drawn calling card wherever the mood strikes me. If you are interested to see the pairings in place, check out my Facebook page. I might also post some images on Instagram. Happy trails!

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